Ava Chats: Ava Gardner and the Legacy of the Gardner Women
Ava Gardner Museum

Ava Chats: Ava Gardner and the Legacy of the Gardner Women

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This third episode of Ava Chats, which was recorded in honor of Mother's Day, explores and celebrates the Gardner women, their influence on each other, and their lasting legacy. 

Lora Stocker, museum board member and an active volunteer on the museum’s social media team, hosted the episode. The guests for the conversation included a returning Ava Chats participant, Lynell Seabold, executive director of the Ava Gardner Museum, as well as a new, very special guest, Ava Thompson. Ava Thompson is the Trustee of the Ava Gardner Trust as well as the great-niece and namesake of Ava Gardner. We discussed the Gardner family with a special emphasis on the resilient women of the family, including Ava’s mother and four older sisters. Ava Thompson grew up knowing or hearing family stories about all of these wonderful women. 

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