Ava Chats: Breakfast at Dominique's & The Goddess Blend
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Ava Chats: Breakfast at Dominique's & The Goddess Blend

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This episode of Ava Chats featured special guest Dominique Benedict, founder and operator of Breakfast at Dominique’s, a specialty coffee company helping to preserve and share classic Hollywood legacies. Together with the Ava Gardner Trust, Breakfast at Dominique’s developed an Ava Gardner blend of coffee, the Goddess Blend which is now available through her website or through the Ava Gardner Museum’s gift shop. Dominique joins Executive Director Lynell Seabold and Honorary Board Member Lora Stocker to talk about how she started her business, how she works with estates to develop coffee blends to honor the legacies of stars, and what’s special about the blend honoring Ava Gardner.

This episode is available free here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1R2nwayyps

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